Now that I've had time to digest your report, I want to thank you again. Thanks to your work, I feel that we're going into this transaction with our eyes wide open.  I have many concerns, but at least we know what the problematic issues are.  Many, many thanks.

I wanted to also thank you for walking through with us on the house. your report was very important and we could negociate to have the furnace fan replaced at the cost of the owner, a home warranty, all the safety issues are being fixed and we also negociated the replacement of carpet, the leaks and water flow done ! window blown seal will be handled as well as the roof is being taking care of !!

I am fully satisfied with your services as we wouldn't never imagine all this without you. the Owner understood our point of you and it was defenitely way easier for us to make our point heard with your detailed explainations.

I wanted to thank you for such a thorough inspection, it really guided us in the right direction and let us know the extent of what needed to be taken care of.  Anthony and I really appreciated your time! Chrissy Katnik

This is only the second home inspection process I have been a part of, but wanted to let you know I thought you did a fantastic job, and made sure you covered anything and everything. I am a “details” person and loved the fact that you were so thorough and also explained the limitations you have on areas that weren’t your field of expertise. I would highly recommend you and 3-D home inspection to anyone I know. Christina Chase

Thank you again for the home inspection. You were quite thorough, and I appreciated all of the insights and explanations you gave to me while I was there even though I’m sure I am ignorant, I am very eager to learn. If anyone I know is in need of a home inspection, I will be sure to suggest you. Nate Meyer.

We really appreciated that you could schedule the inspection on such late notice on a Saturday morning and did such a thorough inspection on a rush job.  Your report was so detailed we were able to precisely pin point problem areas we expected the seller to address without any generalities.  Your report also provided ample justification for every one of our requests.
Beyond that, my son, as a first time homebuyer, received a complete education on his home maintenance and repair that I was wholly lacking at his age.  Hiring you for the home inspection was like enrolling him in a College continuing education course on home care.  After hearing your advice on so many maintenance topics, he is a much more informed owner, and I am sure will be much more pro-active in caring for his home than I could have expected. Thank you once again. I would not hesitate to recommend 3-D Home Inspections to any of my associates. Sandra Bell

Thank you for being as clear and honest to us as possible. We appreciate the service you have done for us. If we need advice in the future we will certainly contact you. Arcelia & Arturo Villalpando.

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to sat thanks on a well done job. Your professionalism is really appreciated. Thanks Anthony Giannone

Thank you for all your help on Saturday.  I would totally recommended you to other people also.  Have fun doing my friend Luisa's inspection. Erica Martinez

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided.  I was educated on many things, and I thank you for that! Luisa.

Phil and I were very pleased with your inspection of our new home. We have had 2 prior inspections completed on much smaller, less complicated homes and were not happy with the level of detail we were provided. We felt you were extremely professional, thorough and really took the time to explain to us the details of our property. The pictures you took helped us understand some of the issues you found along the way. And your recommendations have given us a (long) list of 'to do's' once we are in the home. It's comforting for us knowing ahead of time what needs this home has up front especially because this property is in a short sale situation and is being sold 'as is'.
I have already told our realtor and attorney how happy I was with your work and plan to continue to spread the word to any of our friends that need home inspections. Needless to say, if Phil and I are ever in need of another property inspection you will be top of our list!!!
Thanks again for all your hard work and for your recommendation on our Dryvit inspector.

I can say that in your inspection you covered more than I expected and I especially appreciate the fact that you took time to explain everything to me. John Contreras

Thanks so very much, Mike! Your report was so thorough and was so helpful!  My parents were equally impressed with everything that you did.  Thanks so much!!! Jennifer Daskal

Chris and I are very appreciative with your level of efficiency and professionalism. It meant a lot to us that you recognized our disappointment when we discovered the "crack in the bedroom window." Your prompt response with the issues we've encountered since the sale of this new home definitely has restored our confidence. Liz & Chris

Thank you very much for your great job. Your report is informative and educational. It covers all the details of the maintenance, corrective actions and safety hazards. I will give my friends a referral to you in case they need the home inspection service. Lee Wang

What a thorough and detailed report you put together.  Both my husband and I were very impressed.  Thank you.  I would highly recommend you to anyone.  Please use us as a reference in the future if needed.  Thanks again. Montean LaPorte

Wow, Mike, this is a very impressive report.  THANK YOU for getting both the home inspection and report done so quickly. Deb Schiller

We really appreciate your services, especially meeting us last minute and completing the report in such a quick manner. Dan was right, He said you were the best! I will open this once I get to work today and let you know if we have any questions. Thanksagain for your prompt service ... we will definitely recommend you!

Hi Mike, thank you for your follow-up.  I completed the survey shortly after your inspection.
Thank you again for your promptness in getting this done in just a couple hours, for being so thorough and complete with your explanation.  All the information you provided was a tremendous help and allowed me to go to the seller to get all the work completed.  This was an "as is" deal but based on your inspection report sellers did the work that you clearly noted in your report was necessary maintenance.  I will definitely share your name with anyone I know buying a house.  Take care and God bless.  Teri McGough