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DuPage and Kane Counties, 35 miles W of the Loop. The city of Aurora, the economic anchor of the Fox River Valley area, has a population of over 110,000. It began in 1834 (incorporated in 1845), when Joseph and Samuel McCarty came from New York looking for a river site to build a mill. A strategic bend in the Fox River at this location satisfied the McCarty brothers. The river served as a power source for mills and early factories even as periodic floods destroyed businesses, bridges, and dams.

In 1854 a second town incorporated west of the river, and three years later, the separate municipalities united. To ease political tensions between the two, civic offices were located on an island in the river; ward boundaries ended at the river, and the mayor was elected from alternate sides until 1913. While initially the east side was much larger both geographically and in population than the west side, the river now divides the town through its general geographic center.  Read more.


Following the establishment of textile mills and gristmills,

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